About this site

This site is about Windows Workflow Foundation and why you should care about it.

Windows Workflow Foundation is a new and very powerful way of making your business applications. This power is contained in the fact that by using Windows Workflow Foundation a developer gets a clear separation between the business cases and the actual code required to implement them. The business cases are described in a graphical manner while the actual implementation code remains regular Visual Basic .NET or C# code. Why is this such an improvement? Remember the old saying a picture is worth more than a thousand words? Well that is what this is all about. Describing your business logic in a graphical way makes it much easier to understand, even for non technical personnel. Now a business analyst can look at the workflow diagram and see if that was what he intended to have happen. The developer then works with regular Visual Basic .NET or C# code as normal, and thus keeps all the productivity tools he is used to, to implement each step or activity in the workflow.